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Montreuil-sur-Mer has rich offerings for history, literature and musical theatre buffs alike. Victor Hugo set part of his classic novel, Les Misérables, here. Perched on a hill, the town is surrounded by medieval ramparts. Their western flank provides the route for a pleasant walk with views over the poplar-filled valley, through which La Canche river winds.
Walks and Promendades around Montreuil-Sur-Mer

Photo: Michael Bennett

Over 150km of walks

Walk 1
La Hayette
Length : 10km
Duration: 2h 30m

Walk 3
Les Pâtis
Length : 18km
Duration: 4h 30m

Walk 4
Les Pyroles
Length : 15km
Duration: 4h 00m

Walk 5
La Canche
Length : 10km
Duration: 2h 30m

Walk 6
Le Portus
Length : 5km
Duration: 1h 15m

Walk 7
La Marcadée
Length : 9km
Duration: 2h 15m

Walk 8
Le Dangermel
Length : 9km
Duration: 2h 15m

Walk 9
Extra Muros
Length : 4km
Duration: 1h 00m

Walk 10
Les 2 Campigneulles
Length : 13km
Duration: 3h 30m

Walk 11
Length : 8km
Duration: 2h 00m

Walk 12
Le- Robinson
Length : 10km
Duration: 2h 15m

Walk 13
Le Mont Hulin
Length : 6km
Duration: 2h 00m

Walk 14
Les 3 Vallées
Length : 23km
Duration: 6h 00m

par Tim Matthews
Published 23 rdJune 2017
Maps kindly supplied by Montreuil-Sur-Mer Tourist Office
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Accessible with all-terrain bike
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